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Tooling Development
In initial stage, our tooling designers can participate in parts development if requested by our customer. Our engineers will bring his/her own ideas about parts designing. If our tooling designers know well about how and where the parts will be used, they can design the tooling efficiently.

Prototyping Development
No matter what quantity needed by customers, we would like to support customers’ new products development. We would like to make samples for new products test. For this, only will the cost of samples-making be charged without any profit included.

Mass Production
We have famous branded facilities for various types of parts production. We will develop different types of tooling according to raw materials and quantity needed.

Cleaning and degreasing
We have large scaled cleaning line. Our parts will be well cleaned and degreased by environment friendly liquid.

We subcontract heat treatment, electroplating, painting and anodizing etc. to suppliers we audited and approved, but agreed by our customers.

Welding, riveting and electronics assemly by our own designed JIGs, automatic facilities.

Tailor-made packaging to adapt to various type of delivery requirement.

Redundant Tooling
We can make the investment to build redundant tooling to provide our customers with the extra assurance that even if a tool is out of service for maintenance or repair, custom component parts will still be produced on schedule eliminating production downtime.


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